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Resume of Thomas

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Thomas Bishop, Jr.

Lawrenceville, GA 30043

Professional Profile

Dedicated IT professional with over 20 years of experience in the Information Technology field. Over 20 years of IBM Midrange experience including System i, i5, iSeries, AS/400, and System/38. Always eager to learn and utilize new technologies.


Programming languages: RPG (Free, ILE, IV, and III), SQL, Embedded SQL, COBOL, CLP, Java, J2EE, JSP, PHP, Domino, Lotus Notes Formula and LotusScript, Visual Basic, CGI, Net.Data,

Databases: DB2/400, MySQL

Operating Systems: OS/400, Windows

Applications: JD Edwards World (Financials), Taxware, MAC-PAC, CA-PRMS (Pansophic), ACS, Microsoft Office, Lotus Notes

Other technologies: XML, SOAP, Stored Procedures, Websphere Application Server, WDSCi (Websphere Development Studio Client for iSeries), HTML, CSS, Database design, Struts, Hibernate

Other: Developed and maintain using PHP, HTML, Javascript, CSS, and MySQL.
Developed and maintain using Java, JSP's, Servlets, HTML, Javascript, CSS, and MySQL.

Professional Experience

PRESIDIO NETWORKED SOLUTIONS, Norcross, GA August, 1995  December, 2008


Senior Application Architect (7/2000 - 12/2008)

Responsible for development of new applications and enhancements to current applications, related to Quoting, Order Entry, Invoicing, Commissions, and Financial Reporting. Types of orders processed include Sales, Leases, Hosting, Disaster Recovery, Professional Services, and Rentals.



         Part of a team that developed a web-based Timecard entry and approval system. The project utilized Java, JSP, Spring, Hibernate, Websphere Application Server, and DB2/400.

         Part of team that developed a web-based Employee Hiring system. The system tracked a potential employee throughout the interviewing process to the sending of the offer letter. The project utilized Java, JSP, Spring, Hibernate, Websphere Application Server, and DB2/400.



         Developed a web-based Commission Report Delivery system. Previously the Commission Reports were printed and delivered, including mailing to the remote sales representatives. Some of the reports could be hundreds of pages. The development of this system allowed the sales reps, local and remote, to access their report as a PDF file. This resulted in cost savings since we no longer had to print all the paper reports and didn't have to pay postage to over-night the reports to remote offices. The project utilized Java, JSP, Spring, Hibernate, Websphere Application Server, and the iSeries. The PDF files were stored in the IFS on the iSeries.

         Developed a Lotus Notes based Commission Report Delivery system. The PDF files were stored in the IFS on the iSeries. This system is similar to the web-based system described above but was only accessible from the internal network.

         Responsible for developing and enhancing all Commission reports. Commission reports varied depending on the division for which a sales representative worked.

         Developed a Commissions Evaluation inquiry. Executives and managers used the inquiry to track the commissions paid versus sales revenue. The user could drill down from the division level, to the region, to the sales manager, and finally to the sales representative.




         Developed an EBITDA (Earning Before Interest Taxes Depreciation and Amortization) inquiry. This project was well received as it allowed executives and managers to see real-time results for the month. Allowed management to drill down to the division, region, manager, and sales representative level. Allowed management to compare current and historical data as well as compare current with budget data.

         Developed a Margin application focused on Sales versus Cost of Goods. Provided management the ability to drill down from the Division level to the Sales Order level to track the margin the Orders were generating.

         Developed numerous reports to pull data from JD Edwards to help streamline the month-end closing process.



         Developed a process to display Customers Open A/R for Current, over 30 days, over 60 days, and over 90 days.

         Developed a process to display Open A/R for Current, over 30 days, over 60 days, and over 90 days by Division, Region, Manager, and Sales Representative.



         Developed a system enhancement to allow the billing of Hosting, Disaster Recovery, and Telecommunications invoices. The billing of these types of deals differed from the normal billing of Sales and Leases. These deals were repetitive billing that could be for multiple customer locations and the terms could be modified.

         Modified the current billing systems to allow the customer the option of receiving invoices via Fax or E-mail.



         Part of a team that developed a web-based Procurement Order Entry system. The project utilized Java, JSP, Spring, Hibernate, Websphere Application Server, and DB2/400.

         Developed several programs for importing data from Lotus Notes for various systems including Leasing data.

         Have started coding applications, where applicable, to allow the user the option to receive data via PDF, Excel, or printed report.

         Developed and enhanced numerous programs, reports, and interfaces covering all aspects of the business. Purchasing, Sales Order Entry, Billing, Shipping, Inventory Control, Engineering, Leasing, Professional Services, Commissions, and Accounting.


Contract Programmer (8/1995 - 7/2008)

Began work with Sun Data, Inc. as a contract programmer. The company name changed to Solarcom and eventually was bought by Presidio Networked Solutions.



         Participated in the development of a Quoting System. This system allowed the sales representatives to enter quotes and then tweak them to meet the customer's approval. Once a quote was approved by a customer the sales representative could press one button and the Quote was converted to a Sales Order.

         Worked on an interface to the Lotus Notes based Time and Expense Tracking System used by the Professional Services group. The interface allowed the import of data to prepare sales orders for the billing of the professional services provided to customers.

         Took over responsibility of the Commissions Reports development and enhancements.


BISHOP SOFTWARE, Lawrenceville, GA February, 1989  August, 1995


Sr. Programmer Analyst

Provided AS/400 and iSeries programming services, design, and development as requested by my clients.


♦ KURT SALMON ASSOCIATES, Atlanta, GA (3/1995 - 8/1995)

         Developed various custom projects related to the distribution side of a large mail-order company.

         Developed an External Packing List system for an apparel company.

         Developed various reports, including backorder cards and gift certificates, for the mail-order division of a multi-national entertainment company.


♦ CR BARD, Covington, GA (11/1993 - 3/1995)

         Coded, tested, and implemented various custom projects related to Sales Commissions/Bonus System, and Product Tracking, Cost of Sales/Bill of Material reporting, Contract Sales, and various reports and inquiries.


♦ SNAPPER POWER EQUIPMENT, McDonough, GA (5/1993 - 11/1993)

         Participated in the upgrade of MAC-PAC version 6.3 to version 8.0.

         Modified various modules of MAC-PAC.

         Wrote various custom reports and inquiries.


♦ KURT SALMON ASSOCIATES, Atlanta, GA (12/1991 - 4/1993)

         Modified and greatly enhanced various modules of the ACS package.

         Developed various reports, inquiries, and other custom projects for an apparel company famous for their jeans.


♦ ORBIT MANUFACTURING, Helen, GA (9/1991 - 11/1991)

         Modified, coded, tested and implemented various A/R, Order Tracking, and Shipping inquiries and reports.


♦ OMEGA SOFTWARE, Norcross, GA (8/1990 - 9/1991)

         Designed, coded, and supervised coding of modifications to Pansophic's PRMS Software. Primarily in the areas of Order Entry, Shop Floor, MRP, A/P, G/L, and DRP for various clients of Omega Software, a Certified Business Associate of Pansophic Systems, Inc.


♦ SUN DATA, Norcross, GA (5/1990 - 7/1990)

         Developed various Receiving, Order Tracking, and Distribution programs.


♦ SEA RAY BOATS, Knoxville, TN (2/1989 - 5/1990)

         Redesigned, coded, and implemented the Inter company Transfer/Return Goods Pick/Pack Slip system.

         Redesigned, coded, and implemented the Dealer On-hand Inventory Reporting system.

         Modified various Purchasing, Inventory, and Order Entry programs.



BLUE RIDGE TRANSFER, Roanoke, VA November, 1987  October, 1988



         Participated in the development of a Vehicle Maintenance Tracking/Reporting System.

         Participated in the development of an Overages, Shortages, and Damages Tracking/Reporting System.

         Modified various report and inquiries for the Customer Service, Accounts Receivable, and Shipping departments.


HILL BROTHERS, Lynchburg, VA June, 1987  November, 1987



         Modified and enhanced the Order Entry and Picking Ticket systems.

         Modified and wrote various Sales Analysis reports.

         Supervised/Trained the Programmer Trainee and the two System Operators.


MW MANUFACTURERS, Rocky Mount, VA June, 1985  June, 1987



         Responsible for the modifications and implementation of PCR's RMS/38, (Pansophic), Order Entry and Billing System.

         Designed, coded, and implemented a Dynamic Menu System.

         Designed, coded, and implemented a Bill of Material Processor.

         Designed, coded, and implemented a Shipping Ticket Generator/Invoice Release System.

         Wrote various reports and inquiries for the A/P, A/R, Sales, Production, and Accounting departments.


DONNKENNEY, Wytheville, VA December, 1983  June, 1985


Lead Operator/Programmer

         Performance Tuning and Security Officer functions.

         Installed and configured all devices attached to the S/38, including local and remote terminals, printers, and PC's with 5250 emulation.

         Trained System Operators, helped the other programmers learn the System/38 programming concepts.

         Designed, coded, and implemented a Tape Management System.

         Modified and wrote various reports and inquiries.


1983                                    A.A.S., Computer Science WYTHEVILLE COMMUNITY COLLEGE, Wytheville, VA


Continuing Education

       AD210: Domino Designer Fundamentals

       ND510: Developing Lotus Domino 6 Applications: Foundation Skills

       1303: Mastering Microsoft Visual Basic 6 Fundamentals

       1013: Mastering Microsoft Visual Basic 6 Development

       CIW 1000 Java Programming Series

       IBM: Java for RPG Developers

       IBM: Introduction to Developing OO Applications with Java for Procedural Programmers

       IBM:Developing and Testing OO Applications with Java


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